The Scissor Lift Rental

As many business owners and other individuals have come to find, a scissor lift rental is the most convenient, economic solution for large equipment needs. Anyone who has ever had to maintain the inside or outside of a building has likely found themselves in need of a scissor lift. However, it is not the type of equipment that most people use enough to justify investing in its heavy price tag. While ladders and scaffolding can be helpful for some chores, they are not always a reliable application. This is especially true when a job requires a good amount of equipment to be within reach while working from a secure and stable work platform.


Reaching heights of anywhere from ten feet on up, a scissor lift goes straight up and down while providing a solid work station with room to move. Unlike other types of lifts, there is enough room for at least two people. Scissor lifts are often the first choice for painting ceilings, changing light fixtures and fixing outdoor signs. Because these tasks are typically only carried out every once in a great while, it is obvious to see why so many people feel that a scissor lift rental is wiser than taking on ownership. The hassle and headache is even less when a fully trained operator comes with the rental. This ensures a strong element of safety. Plus, those who have never operated such a lift will still have a viable equipment solution.


Maneuverability is one of the greatest attributes of a scissor lift. Their mechanized functions means that they can handle jobs where one must move from one spot to another and work at various heights. While a ladder must have a wall to lean against, a scissor lift does not. They can easily move from one end of a room to another and in all directions. Just as important as maneuverability, many choose a scissor lift rental because it can easily fit through an average sized door. Remodeling jobs become extremely easy with a scissor lift rental. This one piece of equipment can be used for installing dry wall, painting tasks, or even stucco work all in one fell swoop. In addition, their awesome lifting capacity is perfect when heavy equipment is needed to complete a task.

Once an individual finds out how easy and convenient a scissor lift rental can be, they will never again put off the task of changing fluorescent bulbs, cleaning light fixtures, or repairing the trim on their home. Their stability, generous work space, and lifting capacity often makes them the favorite compared to other types of lifts. They can be unbelievably lightweight and compact, making them easy for transport.