ReachMaster Falcon 95 – Advantages and Uses

FS 95 at Fidelity Investments CampusDownload the Specs for the FS 95 Sheet 1

Download the Specs for the FS 95 Sheet 2

Lift is 95’ tall and is only 22’ feet long when folded down and weighs 8700 lbs.

  • Will go down narrow hallways and make turns in tight areas easily
  • A comparable lift would weigh 29,000 lbs
  • Can be lifted onto balconies or rooftops easily
  • Works well in very tight, small areas
  • Fits through a 36 inch door

Weight of lift is spread out over large area

  • Can be used on sensitive flooring
    • Marble floors
    • Wood floors
    • FS 95, LL 76, LL 63 at VA Hospital DallasCarpeting
    • Raised Computer floors
    • Gymnasium floors
    • Floors with weight restrictions
    • Lawns and landscaping
    • Works well in areas with retaining walls

This lift is unique because the double 11-foot jibs together have a reach of 22 feet. When combined with the reach of the boom, the total horizontal reach is 46 feet.

The Falcon 95 is the only lift with articulating double jibs, which allow it to reach up-over-behind objects and structural obstructions. This is the only lift in the world with this feature and makes this lift the most versatile in the industry.

Our expertise allows us to help you choose the right lift for the job. Our experienced support personnel can advise you as to the best ways to approach a project, such as where to start and where to setup next.

That information and knowledge is very valuable to help complete the job more quickly and economically.

Call High Access Solutions and let us help you select the right lift for the project.