How We Are Different

High Access Solutions

Our Lifts Go Where Others Can’t

High Access Solutions is a specialized atrium lift rental company and a high access facility services provider. Whether you do the work using one of our compact aerial lifts and operators, or we do the work for you, we provide access to all your hard-to-reach locations. Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety, quality, and professional services to our clients.

High Access Solutions is not an ordinary towable man lift rental company. Our atrium/compact aerial lift are very specialized. We offer the Reachmaster line of high access aerial lifts. When you need considerable work height combined with limited or narrow access, nothing outperforms our lifts. The Reachmaster lifts set a new standard for compact flexibility and light aerial work platforms.

Here are just some of the ways our lifts are different than the typical boom lifts available to rent:

  • We can work indoors or outdoors. The lifts are dual powered. A gas engine is used outdoors, and a 110V electric motor is used for work indoors.
  • The lifts are designed to safely work on any floor surface: wood, marble, granite, carpet, and even floors with surface pressure restrictions. The specialized tracks provide excellent outdoor mobility, and indoors we use rubber non-marking tracks to protect your floor.
  • Our lifts are capable of passing through a standard-sized door opening that is 30” wide and 6’6” tall. A lift this specialized is not available at your local rental store. There are very few of these lifts available in the country.
  • Our lifts include the world-renowned automatic safety and stability systems which provide maximum safety as well as a unique multi-position outrigger system which allows for set up on uneven surfaces.