Hinowa LL 76 – Advantages and Uses

LL 76 at VA Hospital DallasDownload the Specs for the LL76 Sheet 1

Download the Specs for the LL76 Sheet 2

Lift is 76’ tall and is only 20’ long when folded down and weighs 6600 lbs.

  • Will go down narrow hallways and make turns in tight areas easily
  • A typical 76’ lift would weigh 24,000 lbs
  • Will fit in a large freight elevator
  • Can be lifted onto balconies or rooftops easily
  • Works well in very tight, small areas
  • Fits through a 38 inch door

Lift is on non-marking rubber tank tracks

  • Spreads weight of lift out over large area, 9 lbs psi
  • Works well in areas with retaining walls
  • LL 76 at Oral Roberts UniversityWill climb stairs
  • Can be used on sensitive flooring
    • Marble floors, wood floors, carpeting
    • Raised Computer floors
    • Gymnasium floors
    • Floors with weight restrictions
    • Lawns and landscaping

Lift has true up and over capabilities

  • Lift can go straight up 45 feet and reach out 40 feet at 90 degrees
    • Helpful in warehouses with shelving or machinery
    • LL 76 at Prestonwood Baptist ChurchReaches up and over balconies in churches and theaters
    • Helpful in apartment and condo atriums
    • Great for working over escalators or stairwells

The lift’s boom design is different than other lifts and can access hard-to-reach areas

  • This lift has a double scissors with a boom and a jib.
  • Once set up it can reach an 80-foot circle of work

The LL 76 lift is very useful in areas that require a 25 to 75 foot working height. Many people believe that if you have a 60 foot working height a 60 to 65 foot lift will do the job. This is not correct. When you rent a lift, the most important function is actual working time in the basket. That is how the job is completed in a timely manner.

LL 76 at Dallas ISDIf a 60 foot lift is being used and it will reach a 20 foot circle of area, it must be moved four times to reach the same area that the LL 76 can reach. The objective is to bring the lift in, finish the work and get the lift out. That is our specialty. Our experienced support personnel can advise you as to the best ways to approach a project, such as where to start and where to setup next.

That information and knowledge is very valuable to help complete the job more quickly and economically.

Call High Access Solutions and let us help you select the right lift for the project.