Examples of Our Compact Aerial Lifts’ Capabilities

  • Work over warehouse shelving
  • Navigate stairs
  • Work on basketball courts
  • Work on soccer fields
  • Navigate lawns or landscaped areas with no damage
  • Navigate driveways and sidewalks with no damage
  • Work over escalators
  • Access to upper floors
  • We can access 2nd and 3rd floors or higher
  • Work on parking lot roofs
  • Reach over stairs and escalators
  • Work on the altar or pulpit area
  • Work on stages
  • Work on weight restricted surfaces
  • Work in small atriums indoor and outdoor
  • Reach 10 stories in atriums
  • Reach stage rigging
  • Drive and work on pedestrian walkways
  • Provide a safe work platform for roof, siding or glass engineering
  • Access light standards on playing fields
  • Access, clean and replace sound panels in churches and auditorium settings
  • Access hard-to-reach fire sprinkler heads and heat sensors for maintenance or replacement
  • Access hard-to-reach light fixtures over church pews or above balconies – even in auditoriums or stadiums

“Our Lifts Go Where Others Can’t”

We can reach anything – anywhere, just call us!