Advantages of Using a Compact Aerial Lift Instead of Scaffolding


  • Nothing to assemble
  • No climbing up and down on exposed ladder
  • No dropping of scaffolding while building or dismantling
  • Our personnel on site at all times
  • Worker always tethered to lift


  • Can move from position to position with ease
  • More time spent with man in bucket working
  • Start working almost immediately
  • Finish the project in 1/3 the time

Cost less

  • Project finished faster equals lower cost
  • Cost 1/3 of the cost of scaffolding
  • Liability cost is less

More convenient

  • Fast in and out of facility
  • Easier clean up
  • Can work during business hours and customers don’t feel any inconvenience
  • Can work in small isolated area without major disturbance
  • Professionally operated clean machines

Better liability situation

  • Less drop situations
  • Man always tethered to bucket
  • Our personnel always on site
  • Safest aerial man lifts on the market